DFEH’s Proposed Changes to Family Care and Medical Leave Regulations

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing recently issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which advises that it is considering amending Title 2, sections 11087 to 11098 of the California Code of Regulations affecting Family Care and Medical Leave. Want me to get real specific with the horribly organized CCR’s?

DFEH wants to amend California Code of Regulations, Title 2 (Administration), Division 4.1 (Department of Fair Employment and Housing), Chapter 5 (Fair Employment and Housing Council), Subchapter 2 (Discrimination in Employment), Article 11 (Family Care and Medical Leave), sections 11087-11098.

Got that?

Here is the proposed text of the regulations.

There will be public hearings in Irvine and San Francisco.

Why does the Fair Employment and Housing Council want to modify the regulations? They tell you here.

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