DFEH’s Houdini Problem

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s use of Houdini, Esq. as its online complaint processing system continually draws criticism because it does not always work efficiently – or work at all!

Sacramento Bee reporter Jon Ortiz reports the Houdini system does not work very well for the purpose of automating complaint filings. Attorneys who represent employees needing to file complaints are very well aware of the problems with Houdini.

Ortiz’ report is important because it highlights problems workers and theirt attorneys have had with the system and without his reporting this deficiency would probably never be corrected. It may still not be corrected, and I’m not optimistic it will.

As I’ve written before here and here, the Houdini system is marketed to lawyers and law firms for case management. Apparently DFEH was snookered into thinking Houdini could be modified in a way that would allow complaints to filed efficiently.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Ortiz posted on his The State Worker blog an article that provides links to documents pertaining to this issue, including the contract between DFEH and LOGICBit Software. Man, $738,363.60 sure doesn’t buy much!

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