DFEH Now Using Houdini, Esq. for its Online System

Anyone who has attempted to use the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s online complaint system in the last few weeks has noticed a big change. DFEH has signed-up with Houdini, Esq. to provide the services for the online system.

I have used the new system a couple of times in the past two or three weeks in order to file a complaint and get an immediate Right-to-Sue letter. The new system is cumbersome at best, requiring the user to register with an email address, which causes problems for attorneys who represent multiple clients.

Hopefully the system will be streamlined in a short period of time. Otherwise, this move to Houdini, Esq. will have been a mistake.

DFEH should not want to make a mistake like the mistake that the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board made a few years ago when it went “paperless” with the EAMS system – which has been a joke and has become the bane of workers’ compensation firms throughout California.

Anyway, you can find out a lot about DFEH’s new case management system here.

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