The Mayor Filner Follies

San Diego mayor Bob Filner is apparently a filthy old bastard. That’s what some of his former political allies and supporters say. And so do some of his Filthy Filner’s campaign volunteers, staffers and constituents.

According to the San Diego Union Times, these are some of the complaints:

  •  Campaign Volunteer: Filner kissed her — “jamming his tongue down her throat” — in public and then groped her under her bra as she was driving Filthy Filner back to the office.
  • Constituent: At a meet-an-greet function at City Hall, Filthy Filner took a constituent to an enclosed area, asked her out on a date and then grabbed and kissed her.
  • Staffer: Filthy Filner “grabbed her ass and touched her chest.”

 There have been instances where allegations are false and I typically reserve judgment in cases like this until all the facts come out. But after watching Filthy Filner’s statement, I do think Filner is Filthy.

Filthy Filner has lawyered-up with a Super Lawyer, who is probably right now figuring out how to intimidate the accusers while moving the focus away from his filthy client.

Often by simply being a Democrat, sexual harassers have gotten a free pass. Apparently, this time, Filthy Filner ain’t that lucky.

If I were Filthy Filner’s lawyer, I would advise him to resign immediately. I would also advise him to quickly and quietly settle with his victims so he and his victims can move on with their lives.

I doubt that will happen. He’ll probably stonewall, stay in office as long as he can and will probably be stupid enough to allow himself to be deposed, leaving a great legacy, under oath, for his family.

Filthy Filner is just another example of a politician with a huge ego who thinks he has something special to offer and that the City of San Diego needs him. After all, how did the City get along without him?

Hopefully his staffer will file a complaint at DFEH and start the ball rolling. If Filthy Filner won’t do the right thing, maybe a sexual harassment lawsuit will exact some justice.

You can watch Filthy Filner here:


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