George Zimmer: FIRED!

Even entrepreneurs turned corporate fat cats can be fired by the business they created.

Just ask George Zimmer, who founded Mens Wearhouse in Houston and built it into a nationwide mens clothing store. He put his face on his baby and business boomed. Poor George was fired.

Even this year Mens Wearhouse profits in the first quarter increased 23%. Not bad in this lame economy.

This is just another lesson on corporate craziness. After building his business and taking it public, Mens Wearhouse became its own growing corporate monster that developed into another humanless giant overwhelmed by bureaucracy and silly MBA’s with goofy new ideas from corporate “gurus” who create corporate websites with pictures of models of various ethnic groups pretending to be employees of the “equal-opportunity employer” with a “diversified workforce” dedicated to “customer satisfaction” and whose employees are referred to as “team members” or “family” or “associates.”

These big public corporations don’t care about people—how could they? They’re corporations. The corporate big-wigs are even brazen enough to fire the guy who started the company that resulted in their own employment.

I bet George Zimmer spent sleepless nights in the early days wondering how he would make payroll, pay the suppliers, wondering if he was growing too fast or not fast enough and sometimes even thinking, “It would be so much easier to work at Macy’s.”

That doesn’t mean squat now. Zimmer was eaten and regurgitated by the monster he created.

And all he got was this silly little piece of the website full of false praise written by some PR mionion who wouldn’t know a damn thing about starting a business from scratch. This corporate cheerleader charged with the duty of fooling will get his one day. They always do. I guarantee it.

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