Dallas ISD: Personnel Chief Sets Bad Example

Fortunately for the Dallas Independent School District, Texas employers do not have to answer to California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act which provides better remedies than Texas laws for victims of discrimination in the workplace.

DISD’s human resources chief, Carmen Darville, just resigned after being outed by The Dallas Morning News for her unprofessional conduct, which includes shocking text messages between her and Jose “Tony” Munoz, an executive director of DISD’s HR department.

You can read the loathsome text messages here: Dallas ISD Texts.

The texts are shocking coming from HR people. The texts reflect racial and age bias, and talk about stressing out a certain employee so she will quit. It’s even more shocking when one considers the fact that both of these characters are engaging in what they are charged to eliminate.

According to Carmen Darville’s Linked-In account, which she is not smart enough to have yet deleted, Carmen the Caring is “A student advocate who works tirelessly to best support our schools.”

Fortunately for those students for whom she “advocates,” Carmen the Caring and her Caring Cohort Tony Munoz, have both resigned.

DISD’s human resources department was, and probably still is, a cesspool of incompetence, bullying, threats, retaliation, discrimination and lies. These people are the worst of the worst because of their positions in an HR department who are charged with ensuring employees are be treated fairly and the fact they occupied positions in the educational system which is rotten to the core, despite the flood of government money flowing into the school districts.

Where else can a young 30-something make over $200,000 per year including salary and benefits without any substantial experience in HR but at a school district?

Do you know what DISD calls its human resources department? The Human Capital Management Department. (And no, I am not making that up.) This is what DISD says the department does:

The Human Capital Management Department strives to recruit, retain, and train the best employees for Dallas ISD.

Apparently they didn’t strive enough.

What kind of example does that set for the students in DISD?

DISD needs to fumigate the Human Capital Management department and Carmen the Caring and her Caring Cohort Tony Munoz need to never collect a paycheck from a government entity ever again.

What a shameful day in Dallas.

You can read Jacquielynn Floyd’s column about DISD’s “reptile nest” here.


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