DFEH Online Complaint System in Disarray

The DFEH online complaint system, which has been a nightmare ever since DFEH contracted with HoudiniESQ to provide the service, is in complete disarray this morning.

When attempting to file an online complaint, users will get this warning:

Users who are signing up to the department’s case management system with any of the email listed below will not receive a confirmation email to activate their account. DFEH is aware of this issue and is working diligently in resolving the situation.

Microsofts webmail services designated domains.


Please sign up using a different personal email address, ie. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

We will continue working with the vendor to find a solution.

Thank you.

What a nightmare! Considering the fact that an employee must exhaust his or her remedies by filing a DFEH complaint and receiving the Right-to-Sue letter before filing a lawsuit, this is a troubling development, indeed.

I would probably recommend filing a written complaint, sent by certified mail, and a copy of the complaint sent by regular mail and one sent by UPS or FEDEX to document the hell out of filing the complaint. The problem is, of course, getting the RTS letter.

This is an outrageous failure of government, just like the Affordable Care Act website, and it impacts those who are most vulnerable.

An enterprising journalist might look into the gritty details of the HoudiniESQ contract and follow the money. Betcha there might be something interesting there.

Meanwhile, workers and their attorneys will apparently have to get clever to overcome one more obstacle in their fight for justice.


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