Fresno Jury Hammers Farmers Insurance Exchange for Age Discrimination

According to the Fresno Bee, a Fresno jury returned a verdict of $749,000 against Farmers Insurance Exchange for Sharron Warhime, a former Farmers Insurance adjuster, for age discrimination and related causes of action.

Apparently Farmers contended that Warhime was a malcontent who refused to adapt to new technology. Unfortunately for Farmers, Warhime’s attorney, Patrick Toole, presented evidence that Warhime received awards from Farmers and received good to outstanding job performance evaluations while employed by Farmers.

I laughed at the following defense attorney’s argument: Farmers claimed Warhime was low-balling customers on their claims which led to costly litigation!!

I wonder if defense counsel made that argument without cracking a smile? Who ever heard of an insurance company complaining about their adjusters lowballing customers on their claims?!


Disclosure: I currently have a similar lawsuit against Farmers Insurance Exchange in Fresno County Superior Court that is set for trial in May 2014.

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