Los Angeles Police Captain Files DFEH Complaint

According to this story in the Los Angeles Daily News,  LAPD Captain Joseph Hiltner has filed a discrimination complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing alleging that after he complained about harssment and discrimination and retaliation of another officer, he became the target of the same behavior.

Capt. Hiltner alleges in his DFEH complaint:

After becoming aware of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation against another employee in the workplace, and after my attempts to stop, correct, and report the wrongful conduct by my superiors, I was subjected to retaliation, discrimination, and harassment by my superiors [employer]. I also complained of retaliation and discrimination after my superiors initiated and served me with false and inaccurate documentation setting forth adverse employment actions and actions disciplinary in nature. Also as a result of my opposition to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, my superiors singled me out for adverse employment actions which were also discriminatory, retaliatory, and disciplinary in nature. I have been demoted two substantial levels and transferred against my will without cause. I have and will continue to lose substantial financial damages and extensive damage to my standing and reputation in my workplace. I have been treated unfairly and singled out for adverse employment actions and the discriminatory and retaliatory treatment because of my opposition to my employers discriminatory, harassing, and retaliatory conduct against another employee. Further, I have been singled out for such action by my employer in such a manner that is inconsistent with my employers past practices.

Here’s more on the story:


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