Derrel’s Mini Storage Settles DFEH Pregnancy Employment & Housing Lawsuit

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing just announced a settlement with Derrel’s Mini Storage, Inc. on a complaint it filed in Kern County Superior Court alleging pregnancy discrimination in employment and housing.

For those of you who don’t reside in the Central Valley where Derrel’s Mini Storage is well-known, Derrel’s operates mini storage facilities all over the place. They’re everywhere! And not only that, but Derrel’s signs for future mini storage facilities are everywhere, too.

Most, if not all, of the mini storage sites have resident managers. In this case, a pregnant wife and her husband accepted employment and residence at a facility in Bakersfield. But Derrel’s policies banned children from the premises during business hours and weekends.

The couple filed a complaint with DFEH and the DFEH filed suit, and Derrel’s finally settled, agreeing to modify its policies to allow managers to live onsite—even when they have kids!

That was probably a smart settlement. I don’t think a jury would be too pleased with Derrel’s had this matter gone to trial, even in Kern County.

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