Thomson Reuters Sued for Disability Discrimination

Richard Rosen, a former Senior Client Development Consultant for Thomson Reuters and Findlaw, recently filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court against his former employer alleging disability discrimation and associated claims in violation of FEHA.

According to the complaint, Rosen was earning in the “mid six figures” in base draw and bonuses as a consultant working with lawyers and law firms to develop websites. Rosen started experiencing back problems and for a time was taken off work by his physician. Returning to work, Rosen found that driving to client meetings and long hours in front of a computer exacerbated his problems, so he proposed reasonable accommodations that would allow him to keep working.

Rosen accuses Thomson of refusing to engage in the interactive process and denying all of Rosen’s requests for accommodations. Rosen eventually resigned after several attempts to resolve his issues.

If the allegations in Rosen’s complaint are true, Thomson Reuters has a big problem.

Should this case proceed to trial, the lawyers representing Thomson Reuters should ensure they have no attorneys on the jury. Attorneys who subscribe to Westlaw or any of their publications know what shysters the fine folks at Thomson Reuters can be, with curious charges on invoices, ridiculous adhesion contracts for high-priced Westlaw subscriptions and such.

It also appears that Thomson Reuters HR people do not read any of their own publications, such as Employment Litigation.

You can read the complaint here.

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