Former Gold Coast Health Plan CEO Accused of Sexual Harassment

According to this story in the Ventura County Star, former CEO of the Gold Coast Health Plan, Earl Greenia, is the target of a sexual harassment allegation and lawsuit by Audra Lucas, a former adminsitrative assistant.

The Gold Coast Health Plan “serves” more than 100,000 Medi-Cal beneficiaries in Ventura County.

Lucas claims Greenia sent her sexual texts, emails and a flash drive containing pornographic movies. Lucas also claims Greenia cornered her twice and touched her.

Lucas also says she reported Greenia’s behavior to management who did nothing.

The story states that Greenia resigned his position last March.

In this type of sexual harassment case, there should be plenty of evidence – emails, the flash drive, the texts – so it should be rather interesting to see defendants’ response to this.

If these allegations are true, defendants should settle this case ASAP. Why would they want to endure the depositions? Of course, there is always two sides to every story. But if the allgations in this story are true, early mediation should be in order.

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