Off Topic: Sexual Harassment Run Amok

I guess I’ll be considered a heretic again for this post. But I can’t help it because the story is so ridiculous. A fourth grader in Florida was sent to the principal’s office for sexual harassment. What did this fourth grade tormentor do? He wrote a love note to a classmate.

What did this fourth grade sexual harasser say in his note to his crushee? You won’t believe it. He said her “eyes sparkled like diamonds.” He also said she was “pretty.” And here’s the kicker—he said, “I like you.” (WARNING! This link will take you to Infowars! So if you’re PC, don’t click it!)

Why, they should kick that little bastard out of school! What is this world coming to? Fourth grade boys liking girls and thinking their eyes sparkle like diamonds and thinking they’re pretty?!

This is out of control political correctness. The school administrators who threatened the boy with sexual harassment charges should be tarred and feathered.

I think George Strait should be arrested. Why, he wrote and sang a song about love notes in school. He’s glorifying sexual harassment! But of course he would. He’s from Texas, after all, and he writes and sings country music!

Good grief!

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