Female Lawyers Target Farmers Insurance

According to this story in the Insurance Journal, Farmers Insurance may be facing a class action lawsuit by female attorneys it employed. Currently there are nine attorneys involved in the lawsuit but plaintiffs’ attorneys filed a motion seeking class action status.

The lawsuit alleges that Farmers pays its male attorneys more than it pays its female attorneys. According to the article, “In general, Farmers advances the careers of its male attorneys more quickly while treating its female attorneys more like support staff.”

Of course, Farmers denies these allegations.

I don’t know the ins and outs of this lawsuit, but I can tell you this, based on my experience with former Farmers employees: Farmers is not to be trusted. Farmers is well known for kicking older, dedicated employees out the door while disparaging them in the process. I’ve had cases and reviewed cases where long-time employees are suddenly targeted and nitpicked to death in order to encourage the employee to leave or to make a paper trail to support termination. I’ve litigated some of these cases, and have often had current Farmers employees contact me offering insight into Farmers’ practices.

It will be interesting to see what this lawsuit turns up in discovery.


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