DFEH Guilty of Violating Its Own Hiring Practices

On Friday, the California State Personnel Board issued a report on its special investigation of DFEH hiring practices from January 1, 2011 through January 23, 2014. The report documents “serious” violations in DFEH hiring practices which include:

  • Failing to retain appointment documentation; and
  • Failure to provide probation reports.

This investigation stems from the Angelina Endsley v. DFEH, Case No. 13-1216N, where the State Personnel Board determined that “DFEH committed bad faith in unlawfully appointing Ms. Endsley twice.”

Interestingly, DFEH admitted these problems in their response to this inquiry.

In this case, DFEH acts like many corporate defendants in a typical employment lawsuit during discovery. Often defendants respond with objections to typical, ordinary and relevant requests for documents, including emails and such, and then when pressed, claim the documents do not exist or were somehow “misplaced” etc…

We should expect better from a state agency that is charged with enforcing California’s civil rights laws. But I suppose with the example being set in Washington, D.C. by the IRS and all of their missing emails, what can we expect?

Read Jon Ortiz’ article here for more background.

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