DFEH Director Phyllis Cheng Resigns

I am in the middle of a jury trial so I did not see this surprise until today – DFEH Director Phyllis Cheng resigned, apparently effective yesterday, according to this story.

Phyllis Cheng was saddled with many problems, not the least of which was the reckless move to HoudiniESQ, a simply horrible system that DFEH tried to adapt to supposedly make filing DFEH complaints easier.

That never happened.

My sense is that Phyllis Cheng, a good and dedicated public servant, really had no chance in the current system since it appears to be underfunded and lacks a clear plan for the future. I blame a lot of that on the California Legislature. The fine folks in the Assembly and Senate love nothing more to pass bills without thinking them through just so they can tell their constituents they care.

Someone made a lot of money on the HoudiESQ fiasco, but unfortunately, California’s workers have seen no benefit.

I am sure Phyllis Cheng will carry on the fight in a private sector law firm, where most of the heavy lifting occurs.


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