Does Little Caesars Discriminate Against Gays?

Gloria Allred, that famous lawyer from down South, recently performed a marriage ceremony for a gay couple and has now filed a lawsuit against Little Caesars, that infamous pizza place that sells bad pizza.

Allred alleges Little Caesars refuses to provide benefits to same-sex couples. Her client, Frank Bernard, says that after being hired as a Manager Trainee, he submitted his application to the corporate office for health insurance benefits for himself and his husband. Bernard received his health insurance card, but his husband did not. Bernard called the geniuses at Little Caesars’ HR Department and the friendly HR Representative said, “Little Caesars does not provide benefits to same-sex spouses.”

I bet they sell pizzas to same-sex couples!

I also bet that Gloria Allred wins this one.

Pizza tip: Stay away from Little Caesars. Not only do they discriminate against their employees, Little Caesars pizza is just awful. I know because I am a pizza¬†connoisseur. I recommend Mama’s Pizza, the next time you find yourself in Fort Worth, Texas.

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