DFEH Obtains Settlement from Law School Admission Council

Here’s a clear victory for the Department of Fair Employment and Housing: DFEH announced  a settlement with the Law School Admission Council for over $8 million.

DFEH went after the LSAC because the LSAC refused to provide reasonable accommodations for those taking the Law School Admissions Test and when the LSAC did provide some sort of accommodation to a test-taker, the LSAC sent a letter to the applicant’s law schools informing the law school the applicant had a disability and therefore the applicant’s scores did not have the same meaning as the scores of those without disabilities.

What’s worse, was LSAC’s letter also patronized the applicant, by telling the law schools that the applicant’s test scores had to be viewed “with great sensitivity and flexibility.”

LSAC should have been sued just for that since it implies that those with disabilities cannot measure up to everyone else.

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