Off Topic: Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program?

It is Monday, the day when heretics are most active.

I never heard of the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program until today when I read this. (The article was on a blog authored by employer defense law firm Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger. I always like reading what the other side is saying.)

What a crazy law. This law mandates Bay Area employers with the requisite number of employees to provide commuter benefit options! There’s a list of 4 options for employers to decipher, after the employers have spent time trying to figure out if they are covered by this silly law.

This is one of the dumbest laws I’ve seen. Why do only some employees get this benefit? Why do only some employers have to provide the benefit? Why do employers have to spend time and money trying to figure this crap out? Sine when should employers be in any way responsible for an employee’s commuting costs?

I mean, this is crazy! But I could go on and on.

All this law will do is create more busywork, reduce productivity of Bay Area employers, decrease incentives for Bay Area employers to hire more employees and it will reinforce the notion that employers are responsible for everything pertaining to their employees and that poor employees owe their lives to those wonderful politicians in Sacramento who just protecting their constituents.

Oh brother!

I represent employees when they have been abused by corporate employers, and I know that corporate employers are no more saintly than the Sacramento Charlatans. But this is over the top!

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